Friday, September 28, 2007

Wow, such a long time!

So then, its been a while since I even logged into this place!

Why? Well, I don't really know why to be honest, but I'm gonna try and pick up where I left off.

So, this first new post is gonna be more of a "What have I been upto" type post.

Well, basically, I've been trying to get bitparade off of the ground since February time (I think) but not having a whole lot of success. We have some ideas in the works though, but they're on hold until Mark returns, he's currently moving house and getting internets back as he has a new job.

I recently appeared on the Radio Ninty podcast. Basically I was there to show some support to SEGA, although the sound quality from my headset wasn't too great. The microphone arm is bendy y'see and the slightest touch on it knocks it out of place it seems, so it sounds like I was talking with the mic inside my mouth. You can listen to it by clicking hereor by visiting Radio Ninty's Filefront page here.

Other than that, I've been playing a whole host of games, I now own a 360, PSP and DS Lite, and am currently playing the hell out of Halo 3. My little girl has just started Pre-School, while my fiance has started a Diploma in Nursing which will take 3 years.

My friend from my school days, Steven, came over the other week, we drank a fair bit of cider (for me anyhow) although we didn't really get drunk. The 360 seemed to be broke so we ended up playing LEGO Star Wars II for part of the night, and a bit of We Love Katamari. I figured out what was wrong with the 360 after he'd gone the following day, I'd accidently nudged the button on the SV cable to HDTV (I only have an SDTV).

We also went to Blackpool for the week back in July, I'll post the pictures up in a little while. Other than that though, its been pretty much games playing and running around after the sprogling since my previous post.