Thursday, January 15, 2009

"I'm a horsey"

Children's imagination's make me laugh. After waking Sprog up this morning, she insisted on bringing some of her My Little Pony's down for breakfast before I took her to school, this was fine, its normal for her to do this, although I wasn't expecing a whole rucksack full of ponies.

So anyhow, after saying goodbye to them, and goodbye to her mother who had only just returned from work, we headed off to school, which is about 10-15 minutes walk away. Immediately she shouted out "I'm a horsey" and proceeded to half skip, thus creating a sort of trotting motion, down the drive and this continued all the way to the school, even when I was holding her hand she'd be doing this. If she saw another child from her class, or the class next door (who are in the same "year" as her) she would shout "Neigh" at them.

When we arrived at school, she also decided to declare to her teacher that she was a horse before trotting and neighing through the door to take off her coat...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

After spending so long surrounded by videogames as my main source of entertainment medium, I decided it was about time I branched out again and started enjoying movies more. This has resulted in weekly visits to Blockbuster and keeping an eye on a few movie trailers. I'll get to some short blurb about the films I've seen recently (or at least the ones I remember...) in a post tomorrow as I've had a couple of drinks this evening and just want to get off to bed and play some Persona 3 whilst Missus is on her night shift (9pm till 7am poor woman...).

But for now, I'll just post a bunch of trailers for films I'm liking the look of that are due out this year.

First up is Franklin, which I've linked to the trailer for as the embedded video wouldn't fit onto the blog...

Which looks wonderfully dark, oppressive and just down right fascinating.

Then there's 9, a film that started off life as a animated short that the great Tim Burton has put his name to as Producer in order to bring a longer version to the big screen. Admittedly, I've not seen the short (thats for tomorrow) but I think you'll agree that this looks like the sort of thing Burton would put his name to.

There's also Coraline, by the director of one of my favourite films The Nightmare Before Christmas, Henry Sellick (Tim Burton was the producer of it), it has a sort of Psychonauts (a videogame by Tim Schafer's studio Double Fine, its available on PS2 and XBox, aswell as PC, infact you can play it for free on PC via GameTap).

Coraline Trailer - For more amazing video clips, click here

Next up, Valkyrie. Now I'm not really bothered about most films with Tom Cruise in, Top Gun's alright but would of worked just aswell without him, Rain Man was excellent but that was mainly down to Dustin Hoffman rather than Cruise and I quite enjoyed Steven Speilberg's adaptation of The War of the Worlds despite going into it not wanting to do so, but the fact that this is based (probably very loosely knowing Hollywood blockbusters) on the true story of a group of German soldiers who plotted to assassinate Adolf Hitler and those in ranks immediately below him makes it utterly fascinating.

Valkyrie - Trailer - Click here for funny video clips

Lastly, this is the big one for me, I only read Alan Moore's graphic novel towards the end of last year after Warner Bros. sent me a copy when I recieved review code for LEGO Batman on XBox 360, but I thoroughly enjoyed Watchmen and am now really looking forward to seeing what is done with the movie, thats if Fox let Warner Bros release it...

Watchmen Trailer - More amazing videos are a click away

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh what a night...

Had barely any sleep last night, and there's only one reason for it. Missus was ill, really rather ill. Unsurprising really, she's developed an intolerance to fast food, which is great, kind of.

So anyway, last night she was watching Casualty, we'd been out in town during the day and had paid a visit to Pizza Hut. She had a Salmon Pasta Bake thing and a couple of slices of my pizza, plus a small bowl of salad from the salad bar (she hadn't had any breakfast, so yeah, she was starving). Around the time Casualty started we were both getting hungry again, Sprog had had her tea (after eating a rather large Chicken Wrap meal and salad she just wanted some sandwiches...) and was in bed asleep. There was nothing in the freezer that I had the ability to cook and Missus was resting her feet after doing a group of 12 hour shifts at the hospital during the week. So, I thought "hmm baked potato from the 'Baked Potato Shop'" which was all well and good if their last delivery time was 9pm but they'd taken the phone off the hook at 8:30pm leaving us with the choice of going hungry, me running out in the cold to Sainsbury's to find something to cook, which would of left us eating some time after 10pm or phoning Andreas Takeaway for a a burger and kebab (she had the latter).

Unfortunately, Missus' stomach deciced that, whilst watching the second Death Note movie, that it wasn't too happy with what she'd eaten, and she spent half the night sat on the toilet with her head in a bucket. When that wasn't happening, she was trying to sleep whilst having an emergency bowl at close hand, right in the gap between our heads, so I spent half the night awake in fear that I would be thrown up on. Luvvly Jubbly.

Suppose it serves us right for going down that route and wasting money on crap food...

Looking forward to tonights Bangers N Mash with Guinness Gravy (and yes, thats gravy with guinness draught in)