Monday, December 29, 2008

Pictures from Christmas

Heres a bunch of pics taken over the Christmas period.

First up are pics of our town centre's lights, these aren't all of them, just the ones that showed up best in the pics.

Next up are the only shots that didn't blur from Sprog's first Christmas show, she played a star and sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, unfortunately we didn't arrive as early as most of the other parents so ended up at the back.

Some pics of the carousel that was in town for the Christmas Market, Sprog and I are in a couple of these. We went on this after she finished school on her final day before the Christmas break and we'd taken her to see Santa, unfortunately not got a picture of her with Santa on the computer as they now only let you have a picture from the professional photographer. We got one, but as I've mentioned in a previous post, our scanner is now a glorified photocopier.

The visit to Santa was rather funny though, when asked what she wanted for Christmas, Sprog simply replied with "presents". Santa tried to get more information from her and she pointed to the sacks of wrapped gifts he had by his side and said "Those ones", the photographer found one that was labeled for her age group and put it on the false mantelpiece, and when pressed for more information again, she ended up describing the wrapping paper of the present that was set aside for her.

Still it was more succesful than previous years. Her first two visits involved screaming and or crying, whilst her previous two visits resulted in her standing nervously next to the big man and refusing to talk to him. Luckily we'd already picked her presents, which were already wrapped and hiding away in our bedroom.

Lastly, are photo's of Sprog opening up her gifts.

Lastly, before we headed off to bed on Christmas Eve, we had some wierd powder stuff that you add water to and it makes fake snow, so we put false footprints coming from the back door right upto the Christmas Tree and told Sprog about the "Magic Key" Santa has for house that don't have a chimney, and said the best place for him to park the reindeer was in the alleyway out the back which is why the lights don't work out there (obviously, that has more to do with hooligans than anything else). This is how it looked:

You can see our two dogs in that pic, the black one in the background is Jet, she's a crossbreed of near on everything, Mimi, the one closest to the camera is a Spaniel/Beagle cross who's parents were registered with the Kennel Club.

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