Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What a comeback!

I'll admit it, I'm a fair weather Football Manager addict, I'll play it and play it for about a fortnight, then I'll stop, then I'll go back maybe five or six weeks later.

Anyhow I recently went back to it, I remembered having a save file where I was the manager of Swansea City, I'd just got them relegated from League 1 (This is Football Manager 2007) but had somehow kept my job. I've had an amazing start to the season, but nothing so far (I'm currently at the start of December 07) has topped earning a replay against Blackpool in the second round of the FA Cup, these guys are in League 1, and admittedly, they're struggling there, but at 2-0 down before the match has hit the hour mark I wasn't expecting this:

Considering Kandol is one of two first choice strikers, and Trundell is my other and also injured, and also that Lester hasn't been as successful as I hoped he would, that really is a fantastic result for "my boys". Every League game, I enter it expecting something, and am disappointed with a draw, however, I have never done well in cups on any FM game, so to be pulling off results against teams that are odds on to beat me is an absolutely fantastic feeling.

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