Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Lazy Arsed IGN staff...

OK, Gaming post time again.

I've been playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on Gamecube all weekend, and I'm loving it. Anyway, I'm on a flaming bridge and I'm not sure how to get past it, so I check t'internet for a guide, and choose IGN's own walkthrough as it has a pretty decent menu system.

While scrolling through to the bit I'm on, I noticed a place name screenshot, and noticed it had been mirrored, so I checked another with the controls tab on and thats been mirrored too.

It seems, rather than take actual screenshots of the Gamecube version of the game, they've just flipped the Wii shots (for those that don't know, the Wii version is a mirror image of the Gamecube one, the Gamecube one being the original as it was in production first, plus in it Link is left-handed like he is in every other Zelda game) and then during the descriptions swapped the words East and West, Left and Right round in order for them to fit in properly with the Gamecube version, this is fine, but the screenshots just stink of lazy journalism.

Heres both guides for you:

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