Monday, December 18, 2006

Pilot see's plane take off without him.

From Ananova:

"A pilot watched in horror as his plane took off without him.

The airman, 70, saw it soar into the sky and do a loop before crashing, reports the Mirror.

The unnamed pilot had clung on to the wing to prevent it taking off at Barton Aerodrome, near Manchester, but lost his grip and fell off.

The drama began when the engine of the single-seater Luton LA4A cut out while the plane taxied.

The pilot left the cockpit to restart the motor manually but accidentally nudged the throttle lever open.

When he spun the propeller the engine roared into life and the plane surged down the runaway leaving the flyer stranded.

The plane was severely damaged but the pilot escaped with cuts and bruises.

An Air Accidents Investigation Branch investigation said the pilot did not realise he had knocked the throttle on because he was wearing padded clothing.

The plane is registered to Stephen Smith of Lancaster but he is not believed to have been the pilot.

A Barton Aerodrome spokesman declined to comment."

This is something you'd see in an old 70s British Comedy or something, well, minus the scantily clad women, ala Benny Hill or Carry On. I really wish there was video footage!

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